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Escalate Your Sex Life and Resolve Your Stress

Posted on by Dr. Ameet Aggarwal ND

Emotional healing for better sex, in both men and women.

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Best Health Articles — May 22nd, 2016

Posted on by Dr. Allison Galan ND and Dr. Louise Wilson ND (inactive)

From Alison: Each Sunday theNDDC publishes a list of the top articles from around the web in 5 different health categories to help you stay up-to-date on the latest information.

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The 5 People Who Benefit From a Natural Birth

Posted on by Dr. Corinne Brown ND

It’s not just baby who benefits from a vaginal birth. Find out who else it impacts…

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Is Your Client Right for Bio-Identical Hormones?

Posted on by Dr. Pearl Arjomand ND

Do you have a middle-aged female patient struggling with stubborn menopausal symptoms? If so, read this.

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