Affiliate Disclosure

Protecting our butt disclosure

This site is meant for information purposes only. Nothing that we publish is meant to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. Neither the author of an article, theNDDC, or J. Goodman Consulting Inc. knows anything about your specific circumstances. Always consult with your primary care doctor before doing anything that someone on the Internet suggests.

FTC Disclosure

To the awesome readers of theNDDC: Full disclosure and transparency are important to me. I want you to be comfortable browsing the site and receiving emails. Therefore I’ll always be completely upfront about how this website act as a business.

In theNDDC newsletter and on the site I sometimes recommend products, other than ones we produce, and with those recommendations I often make a commission on referred sales. This commission is partially how I run the site and continue to keep the information free of cost and obtrusive ads.

I get emails every day to promote different health programs and medical tools. The commissions are often upwards of 75% and even include benefits like vacations or bonus prizes. The only products I will ever recommend are ones that I both believe in and that have passed my personal tests. What this means is that you should get excited. When I do recommend something it means that it is exceptional.

I will never recommend anything that I haven’t personally viewed, read, or listened to. If the product is a physical product I will never recommend it unless I have personally tried it out myself. If it isn’t exceptional quality, and I don’t believe it will help you or your business grow, I don’t and won’t recommend it. No exceptions.

My goal is to help you develop you business and make money. When you do the site benefits. It’s a win/win.

The success of the site and of my personal business starts and ends with my reputation. As such it makes zero sense, whatsoever, to recommend crappy products to you. I will never jeopardize my reputation for any type of commission.

Thank you for checking out theNDDC. I truly believe that this is the best network of Naturopathic doctors on the internet. I also want to congratulate you for investing in yourself and your business.

To your continued success,

-Dr. Alison Chen, ND