Best Health Articles — July 3rd, 2016

by Dr. Allison Galan ND and Dr. Louise Wilson ND (inactive)

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The Top Article of the Week

The Power of Casual Gratitude – Julie Beck: The Atlantic

Very appropriate for Canada day this weekend our “Best Article of the Week” is all about saying “thanks” and “I’m Sorry”. We Canadians are known for our gratitude and our propensity to apologise even when something isn’t our fault; “sorry, did you accidently walk into me on the street, my bad”

According to Julie Beck, of the Atlantic, gratitude is something we all should strive towards as research has shown that our very wellbeing is tied to our ability to give thanks. However, as explained in this week editorial, many of us substitute “sorry” when we actually mean “thank-you” and this can translate into feelings of irritation and disregard by the recipient of our kind words.

“Humans enjoy doing things for each other. And if it’s a slight inconvenience, well, it’s better to thank someone for the room they make for you than to apologize for taking up space in their lives”.

Along these lines on this long-weekend kick-off to summer let me end by celebrating my Canadian heritage: Thanks for reading!


General Health

How Bad Reporting on Statins May Have Led Thousands to Quit Their Meds – Julia Belluz: Vox

Let Them Get Dirty – Dr. Catherine Clinton, ND: Natural Path

How Google is Trying to Make Online Self-Diagnosis Less Terrifying – Julia Belluz: Vox



Artificial Sweeteners: Good or Bad – Alina Petre, MS, RD: Authority Nutrition

8 Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar: My Fitness Pal – Amy Marturana

Commonsense Food Rules: Natural Path – Dr. Alethea Fleming, ND

What Is Choline? An Essential Nutrient With Many Benefits – Mary Jane Brown, PhD, RD

10 Reasons You Should Be Eating More Monounsaturated Fat – Mark’s Daily Apple



Why Exercise Actually Does Matter For Weight Loss – Mark Sisson: Mark’s Daily Apple

Stanford Research Find Mental Health Prescription: Nature – Rob Jordan: Stanford News

Harvesting Health and Wellbeing From Your Relationship – Dr. Katie Hendricks, PhD, Dr. Gay Hendricks, PhD: Natural Path


Specific Health Conditions and Treatment Protocols

Prenatal exposure to acetaminophen may increase autism spectrum and hyperactivity symptoms in children – ScienceDaily: Oxford University Press

Dysmenorrhea: A global Perspective on Natural Approaches – Dr. Nayarai Paweni MSM, ND: Natural Path

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder – Dr. Emily Bennett, ND


Novel Research

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is In Your Gut, Not Your Head – Cornell University

Research Links High Zinc Levels, Kidney Stones – UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland: Science Daily

Can Healthy Eating Reduce Diabetes Risk – Taylor & Francis: Science Daily

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