Best Health Articles — March 27th, 2016

by Dr. Ana Jones ND and Dr. Louise Wilson ND (inactive)

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The Top Article of the Week

Shannon’s Method: Overcome Habit Procrastination -Leo Babauta, Zen Habits

While I was in school, and starting clinical practice, I used to think that I was busy, and I definitely was.  Then I gave birth to three wonderful little boys and suddenly the definition of busy has changed.  While I often dream of lazy mornings, coffee cup in hand, reality paints a different picture, and procrastinating with that pile of laundry is never a good idea.

While a little more free time might be just what the doctor ordered,  one of the most important lessons I have taken from this whole “mom” thing is the concept of “NOW”.   As in, don’t wait until later to sweep the crumbs off the floor, do it now before they become someone’s unintentional lunch.  Or perhaps maybe it’s best to wipe the sticky peanut butter of so-and-so’s hand right now, opposed to after he’s left the table.  But more importantly, maybe NOW is the time to prioritize spending some precious minutes with my little ones, before it is gone.

While being busy definitely has it’s challenges, and completing all on my list is the impossible dream, being short on time has taught me the valuable lesson of not waiting until tomorrow,  but to make the most of the time I have today.

Our best article of the week, written by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, speaks to humanity’s tendency towards procrastination.  Most all our clients want to be healthier, more fit, and less stressed, but developing the habits to reach these ideals can be daunting. While we can provide the tools to achieve these goals, emphasizing for our clients the power of “NOW”, or to quote the fitness apparel giant, “just do it”, may be the difference between wanting and doing.  After all, the best way to get something done is to begin.


General Health

Mindful Healing Spirit: Interview with Cathy Rogers, ND -Dr. Mark Swanson, ND, NDND

Candy-Free Easter Basket Ideas – Katie, Wellness Mama

The Number of Americans Who Have Basic Healthy Habits is Shockingly – Julia Belluz, Vox

Psychology is in Crisis: This Scientist’s Striking Confession Explains How We Got Here – Brian Resnick, Vox

Diet Books Are Full of Lies. But They’re Even Worse When Doctor’s Write Them – Julia Belluz, Vox



Simple rice-cooking hack could reduce calories by 60 per cent – Sarah Knapton, The Telegraph

The Surprising Problem with Calorie Counting (Infographic) – By John Berardi Ph.D. and Helen Kollias Ph.D, Precision Nutrition

The 10 Worst Foods to Eat in the Morning – Franziska Spritzler, RD, CDE, Authority Nutrition

Yes, We Really Do Eat Our Feelings – Gillian Mandich PhD(c): Huffington Post


The Beginner’s Guide to Orange Theory Fitness – Mackenzie Lobby Havey, Hello Healthy

Standing Desks May Not Be Worth The Hype – Alyssa Raiola, Greatest

How to Stop Feeling Like You Don’t Have Enough Time – Susie Moore, Greatest

Everyday Mindfulness Linked to Healthy Glucose Levels – Razi Berry, NDNR


Specific Health Conditions and Treatment Protocols

Lemon Balm for Benign Heart Palpitations and Anxiety – Dr. Tori Hudson, ND

Aromatic Therapies for PMS – Dr. Shaida Sina, ND

Improving Therapy for a very common disorder, Generalized Anxiety – University of Massachusettes Amherst, Science Daily

Zika Could Spread to the US this Summer, Should You Be Worried? – Alyssa Raiola, Greatest


Novel Research

Autism Genes Are In All Of Us, New Research Reveals – University of Bristol, Science Daily

DNA Markers Link Season of Birth, Allergy Risk – University of South Hampton, Science Daily

High-Cholesterol Diet, Eating Eggs Do Not Increase Risk of Heart Attack – Razi Berry, Natural Path

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Dr. Ana Jones ND and Dr. Louise Wilson ND (inactive)

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