The Complete Business System for your Personal Brand

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A comprehensive guide for NDs with a ton of passion and a serious drive to get your messages out to the world.

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AS A SERVICE BASED PROFESSIONAL if you’re anything like me, you’re a slightly obsessed with what you do for a living because the work that you do changes lives.

I’m going to assume that it’s not too common that people choose a health and wellness professions with a motivation to make billions as a result, I like to think we do it because we love it and we want to share our passion with others (hopefully while getting paid).

The good news is that you CAN have your cake and eat it if you’re smart about building the right way.

Maybe you’ve been in the industry for a while now or maybe you are just getting started.

Either way, we can not deny that there has never been a better time to build a business as a personal brand.

This is the 21st century where social media and the wicked world of the Internet, has created an equal playing field for regular folks like you and I.

I’m talking about those of us with a ton of passion and a serious drive to get our messages out to the world.

AND a real desire to get paid what we are worth by leveraging a business system that makes sense in today’s marketing landscape and doesn’t have us hustling all day just to get by.

Business System?


There is a formula to success as a service based professional. A formula that allows you to share your gifts with the world and attract your dream clients (many of them who are already out there right now looking for you).

I am going to share this system with you inside this post including exactly what it is and what you need to do.

As a brand and business coach to health, fitness and wellness professionals, it is my ultimate mission that you understand this system (which is unfortunately something 95% of your industry peers don’t even know about).

One more thing I must mention before you learn all about this business system…

A following on social media is NOT the answer.

It sure does feel nice to get lots of social media love, but you’ll soon learn that this does not directly translate into profits.

So if you’re thinking, it’s all the experts out there who have figured out how to get a million followers on social media who are “killing it” and blasting by your little brand on social media. Well, that’s not it. Let that go.

Have you ever questioned why companies like Jenny Craig (and all those other weight loss companies) are profiting by the multi-millions while so many of your industry peers in the fitness, health and wellness professions are struggling to get by?

Building a business is not easy, but this is your official invitation to take action with what you are about to learn so that you accomplish all of the things that motivated you to get into this industry in the first place.

How about a Virtual commitment handshake on being action takers?


I am about to outline the very steps that will show you how you are actually going to build a profitable brand.

But before I get into that, you may be wondering who the heck am I ?

I’ll make it quick.

I’ve been in this industry for 15 years now as a fitness and health expert.

I’ve made tons of ridiculous mistakes and I’ve thrown laptops off the balcony, cried my brains out on many occasions and for many years… in fact I probably wished I was broke. I was in the hole, the kinda debt you could not count on your fingers and toes, if your fingers and toes were worth a thousand dollars each.

(this is where the classic hero/ I turned things around story comes right…YOU GOT IT! but I’ll summarize)

So here a snapshot of what I’ve accomplished in this industry:


And that afforded me the lifestyle and financial stability to live life on my terms.

Today, I have a successful coaching business where I coach the coaches (fitness, health, wellness and lifestyle experts and entrepreneurs).

Let’s move on and talk about YOU!

What you already know is that you are building a business as a personal brand.

You already know that you can have a HUGE impact on people’s lives.

But you have to stop following the crowd.



It is not good enough to assume that being good at what you do, posting your services to your website, posting your tips and tricks on social media will be enough for your business to take off.

“It is not good enough to assume that being good at what you do will be enough for your business to take off.” <– Tweet This

Getting referrals and staying extremely active on social media will only get you so far (not to mention how exhausting it is)!

Here is what DOES work


If this is your first time checking out my training or you have not yet gotten your hands on this type of training then a lot of what is in this diagram could be confusing but no worries, I’ll break it down.

Have you noticed how all the heavy hitters in your niche are offering all this “FREE” stuff?

Free training videos, free recipe books, free webinar, free workout videos etc.

It’s all over their websites and social media. You are constantly being invited to free stuff, right?

The reason behind the all this “free madness” is so that they collect your email address and then strategically market their content to you via e-mail marketing techniques.

The process of sales requires this complete system so that you have multiple strategic touch-points and your audience turns into prospects and your prospects into leads and your leads into customers.

Then once you have this system all in place (you have your own FREE stuff to give away and you are getting your own emails and strategically creating touch-point with your prospects) you can continue to create new programs and services that do not require you to physically be present because you are packaging and selling your information and knowledge to your prospects.

So, hopefully you can see now that listing your services on your website with hopes that somehow someway your dream clients are going to land on your website and they are going to be ready to contact you and work with you does not really qualify as a business system and is a risky approach to success.

Let’s get to work!


Identify who your audience is.

What are their pain-points and where they are hanging out (both offline and online)?

As an expert, your goal is not to just identify what your customers are looking for. That would be too easy.

Saying something like they want to “lose weight” or they want to “improve their energy”, is not good enough.

You must identify what is really going on. What are they really going through? This is where you get to know your audience intimately.

Once you have their needs identified, use your expertise, creativity, and ambition to meet them in ways your customers could have never imagined.

So your first step is to truly identify the need you want to fill for your ideal customer. Consider what you’re trying to accomplish with your services.

Remember! Buying is an emotional decision.

If you do not tap into the emotion of your prospects, you will have a hard time selling them anything.


Spend some time brainstorming/journaling the following:

  • What are the fundamental desires you’re attempting to fulfill for your clients?
  • What are the problems or pain-points your dream clients are currently experiencing (which your expertise,coaching or Services provides the solutions to)?

Next, you will find it helpful to brainstorm some of the advantages you offer as a brand and business.

  • What do you do for people that is so amazing?

Now spend some time getting clear on the following about your dream clients*

*Remember these are your dream clients. As a personal brand you get to choose how you want to “show up”. People are attracted to buy from people they like. As you answer these questions, think about some other experts who you identify as being successful in their industry and start thinking about what it is that comes to mind when you think of them. This exercise is to help you determine what other people are going to think of you when your brand and business (as well as services or practice) come to mind.

  • Gender?
  • What age bracket?
  • What do they do for fun?
  • Where do they hang out online?
  • Where do they hangout offline?
  • What are his/her favorite stores?
  • What is it about you that they love?
  • Are the conservative?
  • Do they enjoy humour?
  • Does swearing offend them?
  • What are their main pain points?
  • How does this make them feel?
  • What would make them happy?
  • What are their greatest fears?
  • What do they wish for so deeply that they do not even say it out loud?



How dreamy would it be if all we had to do was be awesome and our dream clients would just find us?

Keep dreaming…

Everyone is being inundated with marketing messages every single day. As the expert, you need several touch points with your followers before they finally upgrade their “follower” status with you and “subscribe” to your community, eventually graduating to customer status!

I’m sure you’ve spent some (or a lot) of time thinking…

“How am I going to get my brand and practice out there?”

What you should actually be thinking is…

“How am I going to get my services in front of my dream clients and offer them something so irresistible so that they give me their email addresses….

…So that I have the chance to earn their trust as they get to know, like and trust me (via all the awesome content I plan on sending them inside their email inboxes )…

AND…so that I can eventually sell them something that is exactly what they need?”

Did you catch that? The goal is to collect email addresses, period.

It’s a numbers game; the more leads you attract into your business system, the more clients, patients or customers you will have.

Luckily, there are literally hundreds of ways in which you can generate leads.


Here are the lead generation strategies which I have personally implemented into my business as a service-based professional:

  • Leveraging my existing network
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Events and Appearances
  • Webinars
  • Website opt ins
  • Contest and giveaways
  • Challenges
  • Partners and affiliates
  • Guest blog post
  • Paid Options (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube, Instagram Advertising)

Time to take action…

Which are the 3 Lead Generation options you feel would be most effective for your brand, business and services?

It is most effective to focus on only 1-3 of these options at a time and execute them.

As you experiment with these options, and as your brand grows, you will begin to have favourite methods and you will also learn which ones are most effective in terms of bringing in qualified leads and warming them up.

Wait, let’s make it real, before you move on, decide on the 3 Lead generation options you think you want to start with.


Now that you’re at Step 3,you know who your ideal audience is and you know where you are going to go to find them (lead generation sources from Step 2).

The obvious question would be, how are we going to ask them for their email addresses even when we know who they are and we know where they are?

It starts with creating magnetic reasons to invite them into your community (email list). This reason is called a Lead Magnet.


The purpose of a Lead Magnet is to bring your dream client (your avatar) into your business system (your community of email addresses, leads, followers and clients).

You are putting something in front of your dream clients that they really want and need and you will use your chosen lead generation strategies (Facebook advertising, social media, blogging etc.) to place this offer in front of them.

Here’s how this works.

You strategically place your offer (lead magnet) in front of your dream clients and present them with the opportunity to receive the offer by opting in with their email address.

As soon as they opt in, you send them a welcome email saying HERE IS THE GIFT I PROMISED YOU!

This email is automatically set up to follow up with a series of emails to strategically offer them your services and or products (more on this in step 4).

*If you are not familiar with email marketing, don’t worry, these automated email series and auto responders are very simple to set up in all email service providers such as MailChimp, Aweber, Get Response and many more.

One quick mention…

As you are taking action and implementing the steps, avoid using language such as “subscribe”, “newsletter” or “sign-up” on your actual copy.

No one wants to sign up to a newsletter anymore, those days are over!

Your goal is to create something that is irresistible to your dream clients and you must be able to advertise it so that people will WANT IT and OPT IN (by submitting their name and email).

Here are some examples..


Types of Lead Magnets:

  • Cheat sheet, Blueprint, Guide, eBook
  • Video Content
  • Audio Content
  • Survey or quiz
  • Trial offer
  • A free discovery call with you



Once you have the leads (emails inside your email service provider). It’s time to (slowly) sell them something.

This is where you design the offer (programs and/or services) that is right for YOU and most appropriate for your dream clients.


There are several things to consider when deciding what type of offer is best for you given what you have now and where you want to go.

Build around Transformations:

Remember, your services do not have to solve absolutely everything that your avatar is going through where you feel you have the solutions. You can break it up into a set of specific transformations or services.

Design around Results:

It’s best to reverse engineer the experience of your services or practice based on what you feel authentically makes sense in the best interest of your clients and their results. With this in mind you can consider what it will take for them to go through this transformation.

Do they need to talk to you one-on-one? Is this realistically something they can accomplish in x amount of time? How many times per week do you need to be in contact with them to make sure they are on the right path? What type of support does this transformation require?

These new prospects are new into your community and as “cold” leads, they need to get to know, like and trust you as the expert before it makes sense to offer them your services.

How do you package your offer?

The best way to offer your offer is to present it in the form of a sales page.

I’m not talking about the typical sleazy example that might be coming to mind when you’re thinking about online marketing, rather I’m talking about strategic sales copy that is specific to the services that you offer and the pain points of your prospects.

The Internet and social media are undeniably changing the marketing landscape and how consumers make decisions. No longer is it sufficient to rely on a word-of-mouth business to drive an offline business model.

Here are 2 reasons why:

  1. YOUR CLIENT: The majority of people will look you up (Google, social media, reviews etc.) before calling or coming to see you.
  2. YOU: If you want to succeed in today’s marketing landscape, you have to wrap your head around the mindset that you need to implement online marketing strategies even if you want them to support your offline business.

With these 2 things in mind, we have to change the way we market and promote ourselves. This means we have to create an online presence along with marketing material (blogging, emails, social media etc.) that sells.

By creating compelling sales pages along side a strong brand, you are creating a presence that tells people exactly what you do and more importantly funnels them to your goal which is to take action and work with you!




Here is a quick recap:

In steps 1-4:

  • You figured out your dream clients.
  • Learned that you have to build a business system in order to sell your programs, products and services.
  • Discovered which lead generation strategies make the most sense for you at this time (you’re choosing 1-3 for now and going full tilt with those options).
  • You get that you have to create something irresistible to give them in exchange for their email address (where they come into your community).
  • You’ve learned that you have to position your services and offers in a way that sells, meaning you need to create sales pages.

Now what?

Well you can’t just send people to your sales page.

They need to warm up to you! This is where the email sequences comes in.

What is an email sequence?

A specific number of automated, pre-written emails that get sent to your subscribers in a specific order over a specified period of time.

It’s called an autoresponder because it’s an automated process.

So you write it in advance and upload it into your email service provider and queue it up to go out on certain dates and times.

Doing this strategically and consistently will create those constant touch points, which is what you need!

These emails are directed towards a specific call to action (links to click within those emails) which is to get to your sales page.


Examples of what this automation looks like inside of the email service provider (varies based on which one you use).


An autoresponder series can fit in at any point where a person joins your email list.

For example when a person opts-in to get your freebie (lead magnet) they are joining your email list and this action can trigger your email autoresponder to kick off.

The goal of these emails are:

  • Establish a relationship
  • Get them to know you and what you are all about
  • Show them that you know what you are talking about
  • Prove to them that you know what they are feeling
  • Show them that you have solutions

And offer them an invitation to work with you.


Hopefully you can see that implementing this system is the answer and it will make all the difference for your brand and business! Yes, there are many layers to this system and it does take work to implement, but when it is all in place, you will know you have a business that will convert for you!

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