Escalate Your Sex Life and Resolve Your Stress

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Emotional healing for better sex, in both men and women.

SEX IS AN IMPORTANT PART of many people’s lives.

Healthy sex, sexual pleasure, sexual satisfaction and intimacy depends on your physical and emotional health as well as on your compatibility with your partner.

Physical illness and emotional anxiety do nothing to improve your sex life.

Elizabeth’s Screaming Vagina

Elizabeth was a 32-year-old patient of mine. She came to me for back pain but also had vaginal spasms and vaginal dryness. This obviously made sex painful.

We realized that her body was in a state of inflammation and cortisol imbalance, which was also affecting her estrogen and progesterone levels. Her hormonal imbalance was reducing her vaginal lubrication. After restoring her hormonal balance by removing inflammatory foods from her diet, repairing her digestive health and detoxifying her liver, her vaginal dryness improved but the spasms did not stop.

I suspected an emotional issue and asked her when the spasms started. She said about 3 months ago. I then asked if she could remember any significant emotional event close to this time.

Five months ago, her boyfriend had screamed at her when she least expected it. This wasn’t typical behaviour for him as they normally had a good relationship.

He had later apologized. Despite the apology, her body was still holding on to some of the shock. We processed her feelings of shock using Gestalt therapy and I also gave her a homeopathic remedy for shock.

One week later she reported to me that the spasms had disappeared.

John’s Erection Connection

Another patient of mine, John, had difficulty with erections after his girlfriend left him for another man.

The stress and rejection from the breakup had affected his erections and burnt out his adrenal glands, which did not help his testosterone levels and libido.

After spending months working on his self esteem and trust, he finally began to have sustainable erections. We also built up his adrenal glands with herbal medicine.

Having and maintaining erections for men depends on a strong blood flow to their penis. Smoking, inflammation and excessive sugar in your blood damages and causes plaque formation in blood vessels. This reduces blood flow to vital organs in the body, including to the penis. To have better and longer lasting erections, avoid eating inflammatory foods, heal your digestive system and avoid frequent meals of too many simple carbohydrates.

Sex and the Mind

Sexual issues exist for many people, and can include:

  • vaginal dryness
  • foul smelling discharges
  • lack of intimacy
  • painful sex
  • inability to have or sustain erections
  • feelings of inadequacy
  • sexual abuse
  • sexual shame
  • disturbed emotions which inhibit full sexual pleasure

A lot of our unhealthy emotions around sex come from experiences earlier on in our lives, including the way we were brought up and sometimes because of the stigma some cultures impose on sex.

Some of the physical issues around sex come from having an unhealthy body but can also stem from emotional experiences, as we saw with Elizabeth and the vaginal spasms she was having.

Inflammation, stress, a poor diet and unhealthy sugar levels can exhaust your adrenal glands and create hormonal imbalances, including lowering testosterone levels.

Imbalanced hormone levels reduce vaginal lubrication, orgasmic pleasure and erectile strength. Both men and women have stronger libidos when their testosterone levels are healthy.

Your ability to experience pleasure, including sexual satisfaction, depends on feel good hormones such as serotonin, dopamine and GABA. Stress, depression, some medications and inflammation (from a poor diet, toxicity or a weak digestive system) all lower your ability to feel pleasure.

Generally speaking, both men and women find sex more pleasurable when they are relaxed. Stress and painful emotions block our ability to let go and enjoy ourselves and our senses. Many men find it difficult to have an erection when they are stressed, have been rejected by a partner or if they are under pressure to perform sexually. I highly encourage you to resolve your stress and emotional issues with a therapist.

“Sensuality improves once we can heal our stress and emotions.” — Dr. Ameet Aggarwal, ND (Tweet This)

Sex is Good for Your Health

Most men find their stress levels reduce after sex, although this is slightly different for some women.

Orgasms, in both men and women, help our body release a hormone known as prolactin, which relaxes the body and improves sleep. Sex might be something you want to consider if you struggle with insomnia.

Some studies show that regular sex improves your immunity. Having frequent sex is also a form of exercise and increases your testosterone levels, which improves your confidence, mood and libido and can even reduce depression.

Physical health and emotional well-being are linked to a fulfilling sex life. By optimizing your well-being and healing your emotions, your sexual life can and will improve.

About the Author
Dr. Ameet Aggarwal ND

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal ND, Naturopathic doctor and psychotherapist, created The Cure Your Mind Online Course which helps people overcome anxiety, stress, depression and trauma easily in a very specialized way. He has taught this unique approach of healing your body holistically and helping you overcome negative beliefs and release past negative stressful emotional experiences around the world, including Paris, Rome, Kenya and South Africa. His combined approach of healing the liver, gut, adrenals and psychology has been voted as one of the most popular talks on world health summits, and his Skype sessions are known as transformational and powerful, to say the least. You can learn more about mental health and naturopathic medicine from his website and Facebook page.