How to Create a Memorable Brand

by Dr. Michele Burklund ND | Follow on Twitter

A brand is the essence of a company. These 10 tips will get you on your way to building a business that people talk about and remember.

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Note from the Editor: The examples from this article were added by theNDDC editor to help drive home each tip.

A BRAND PROVIDES THE WORDS AND PICTURES that help people understand the value of a product or service offered. It declares 2 things:

  1. Why it matters
  2. What it stands for

An excellent brand reinforces the entire look and feel of a business. The logo, colors, symbols, flow, and style should be consistent.

The brand will clearly convey the unique selling proposition (USP) and showcase what it does differently than everyone else.

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It’s the feeling you get when you see the company, the experience you get when you do business with the company, and how you perceive their products.

Here are 10 ways to create a memorable brand with authenticity:

  1. Have a good quality product or service

The foundation of a good brand is based on the quality of the product or service. A good brand will offer a high quality, well-made product or service that is consistent.

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  1. Showcase what the business does differently than the competition

The unique angle of why a business is better than the rest will create an association with the consumers while reinforcing more reasons to use the product or service. A company with an effective unique selling proposition (USP) will:

  • know what their perfect customer really wants
  • what motivates their buying decisions
  • how their product or service solves a problem
  • the reasons why their current customers choose them over the competition

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  1. Have a catchy name

The business name should have 3 components

  1. Be easy to pronounce (and remember)
  2. Appeal to your consumers, and
  3. Reinforce the company’s key elements

The name should be “sticky” and stand out from the crowd yet not too trendy so it can be used for years to come. A good name will be easy to spell (and Google), unique, and creative.

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  1. Create a distinct logo

Creating a memorable logo is an important stage in setting up a business. Aristotle said “the soul never thinks without an image” and the logo is the image used to reveal the company’s philosophy and values.

It should epitomize the feelings a consumer gets when they think about the company in a brilliant, captivating way. An effective logo should reach the consumer on an unconscious level through symbolism and hidden meanings to deliver the company’s unique qualities.

The colors, the images, the fonts will capture the key elements of the business while directly communicating to the demographic.

  1. Communicate to your demographic

A good brand knows how to relate to their customers, like talking to a good friend about the product rather than using boring business lingo and complicated words.

  1. Be Consistent

The company should adopt a holistic strategy to create a consistent brand experience across all platforms. A great company will offer the same feelings to the consumer whether they’re in a store, online, through social media, and television.

  1. Design a good tagline

A company’s tagline is the lasting impression; it’s the feeling or thoughts that the consumer has after the brand encounter. A good tag line is short, about 3 to 5 words, and most importantly, easy to remember.

  1. Be bold

A good brand must remember that their customers are human. They want to be engaged, to have fun, to laugh, and to enjoy the experience.

“The most successful brands design experiences that inspire and ignites passion”. <– Tweet this

Effective marketing campaigns from companies like Apple, IBM, and Starbucks create a community and a strong social presence while spreading shareable content.

Some examples of engaging, memorable, and funny marketing strategies include Wendy’s “where’s the beef” or the infamous “got milk?” ads.

  1. Know your customer better than you know yourself

Understanding the demographic that uses your product or service is critical to the success of your company.

A memorable brand continuously analyzes the experience of their customers, adjusts to their changing needs, and puts themselves in the minds of the customers.

A company that listens to the consumers and more importantly, constantly meets their needs will successfully engage the consumer while leaving a lasting impression.

  1. Social media is a must

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and the others provide a huge opportunity for brands to reach their fullest potential.

These platforms offer a company more ways to engage their audience, to listen to their needs, and to provide consistent beautiful content that will be shared by like-minded people.

About the Author
Dr. Michele Burklund ND

Dr. Michele Burklund is a Naturopathic physician practicing in California. She received her naturopathic medical degree from the prestigious Bastyr University and was also the recipient of the Northwest Naturopathic neuroscience scholarship for her research in nootropic (brain enhancing) plants. Dr. Burklund is very passionate about natural medicine and has interests in neurology, endocrinology, and women's health. She is also passionate about creating access for natural medicine to all populations, which fueled the development of her non-profit mobile medical clinic. Dr. Burklund also enjoys writing for her women's health blog, Healthy Fashionista, in which she translates natural health treatments into stylish practical tips!