How to Influence Change with NLP

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For yourself and your clients.

NLP, which stands for Neuro-Linguistic Program, is an epistemological pragmatic discipline that is used to break destructive patterns and alter one’s behaviour for the better.

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In general, the term stands for a branch of philosophy that examines the validity of knowledge. In the case of NLP therapy you are asked to question the validity of the way you perceive the world, what you believe is true and whether or not you are limited by any false conclusions as the result of your perceptions.

Then, you are given self-improvement strategies and techniques to help break deluded or limiting beliefs that might be sabotaging your well-being by replacing them empowering patterns and behaviours.

Breaking Down The Science

The “neuro” part of neuro-linguistic programming refers to the science of neurology, “linguistic” is the language and “programming” refers to how the mind relates to the body.

The goal of NLP is to gain complete control of all of our mental and cognitive processes. This means that we must start thinking more strategically and engage only with empowering beliefs rather than sinking into comfortable, chronically destructive and irrational patterns.

There are two basic premises that are behind the entire idea of NLP.

  1. What we perceive as our reality is limited by our senses and our beliefs (TWEET THIS). This informs how we respond to life events.
  2. Recognizing that we do not have to be limited by our beliefs and behaviours enables us to make strategic life choices that improve our immediate experience of reality (TWEETABLE). The result is that we are happier people (in general) and are in control of what we let affect us.

The premise is the recognition that all of our systems, including our bodies, mind and emotions are completely integrated and constantly seek a state of balance that keeps us in our comfort zone. However this comfort zone, called a state of homeostasis, may not be a healthy place for us mentally, emotionally or physically.

NLP can help us to become more comfortable with the unfamiliar. We give our personalities permission to stretch to the limits so that we are always learning. We are provided with tools to optimize our mind, body and spirit connections so that we are more than ready to relish every moment of our existence and make the best of us.

NLP Heals You and Your Patients

NLP heals by showing us where our inner maps of perception are limited and how a belief in these boundaries might be also limiting our ability to see our options (Click to Tweet). This can help you and your patients be more effective human beings and you will not be limited because of a chronic bad habit or erroneous beliefs.

NLP also teaches people how to develop multiple perspectives on a problem and also how to leave emotions out of decision making so that they have greater self control. The more ways you can look at a situation, the more effective you will also be when it comes to communicating with others and problem solving.

Instead of reacting to a bad reality you change your reality by developing the capacity to consider other actions and options than the ones that are limiting your personal potential.

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Dr. Michael Rahman ND

Dr. Michael Rahman's practice focuses on biological medicine and its treatment of chronic diseases, from fibromyalgia to cancer, and healthy age management. His practice interests also include naturopathic cosmetic care, blending naturopathic medicine with cosmetic approaches and technology that enhance health and beauty. Dr. Rahman founded Pinewood Natural Health Centre in Toronto in 1997 and expanded his practice into the Durham Region in 2003. Dr. Rahman also founded the Pinewood Institute for the Advancement of Natural Therapies in 2005. He is the principal instructor teaching mesotherapy for pain management, cosmetic mesotherapy, and advanced homotoxicological approaches to disease to naturopathic doctors across Canada and the United States