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Tuff Girl and breastfeeding mama, Christa here with her beautiful babies and beautiful abs. Christa credits her success with finding the right macro balance and making lots of good choices over and over. Three babies have grown in that lean, tight belly! This pic is Christa about 6 months postpartum with her third.

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Dr. Alison Chen ND

Dr. Alison Chen ND graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) and was the recipient of the humanitarian award. Her background in competitive gymnastics, personal training, and volunteer work in Africa gives her a well-rounded view to living well.   Since graduating Alison has traveled the world exploring different ways to think and teach about healing. She believes that education should be consumable and fun, so she created theNDDC and wrote an illustrated rhyming book about poo. Seriously, check out the poo book on Amazon here.