Self­-Love, Simplified

by Dr. Lesley Johnston ND and Dr. Erica Thomson ND

How self­ love practices can help you reach your highest potential.

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As self-love coaches and Naturopathic Doctors we see a need in our patients to incorporate self-­care and self­-love into their everyday lives.

Patients are coming in with chronic anxiety, digestive complaints, low mood and zero energy. We’ve been able to trace it back to:

  • low self­-worth
  • putting themselves last
  • negative self-­talk

To really help our patients, we had to tackle these core issues.

What is keeping them stuck in negative patterns?

Why do our patients self­-sabotage?

And is there anything that we can do for them as part of their health team, beyond dietary support and supplementation?

And the answer is YES!

We recognize aspects of our patients in ourselves, having struggled with negative self-worth, criticism and feeling stuck in life. A lack of self­-love and self-­care tends to promote poor habits, low self esteem, limiting belief patterns and will never lead to a healthy body, mind and soul.

This article is a platform to teach people how to explore and experience what it means to live from a place of self­-love. When we live from a place of love, we have the ability to change our health, our relationships and our lives.

How to begin your own Self-­Love Practice:

Start with the 3 Self-Love Secrets that every man, woman and child must know: ­

1. Abandon the Back Burner ­ It’s time to put yourself first. Creating me ­time is essential for keeping you energized and balanced. When you make yourself your number one priority, you’re able to take care of the people, relationships, and things that are important to you.

2. Badass Boundaries ­ Stop the ‘shoulds’. Say yes when you mean yes, say no when you mean no. Honour yourself. If it doesn’t feel right, change it.

3. Self-­Love Circle ­ – You are the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with on a regular basis. Your self­-love circle supports, motivates, inspires and accepts you. They’re the people you turn to when “shit hits the fan” and they’re right there beside you to celebrate in your successes. When forming your circle, choose people that challenge you to reach your highest potential.

Sometimes what holds us back are beliefs that we have had since childhood.

The belief that we aren’t good enough plagues all of us to some degree. This belief can push us and motivate us to succeed but it can also keep us quiet and small and challenge our self­-worth. Breaking these beliefs down, challenging them and providing a safe space to let them go, is CRUCIAL to the healing process.

Case ­ Janet’s Story

Janet became a patient 6 months ago. Her primary concerns were:

  1. digestive issues
  2. weight gain
  3. high stress

Through a thorough intake and over the first month, we discovered that Janet had been verbally abused as a small child and again as an adult in her marriage. Her self-esteem was very low and we discovered an underlying pattern that she didn’t believe that she deserved love.

Through counseling, working with the our 4 step program, starting her own self-love practice and other Naturopathic modalities, Janet was able to start incorporating techniques that reminded her every day that she was lovable.

This had to start from within. She had to love herself before she felt she was ready to have anyone else love her.

Now her digestion issues have subsided, she has lost a small amount of weight and she started walking in nature with her kids. She is regrouping, allowing the healing process to take place and her love for herself is growing.

The Universal Self-Love Project

Step 1 – Identification

Identify what’s holding you back by bringing awareness to certain thought and behavioural patterns.

Step 2 – Investigation

Investigate why you may feel stuck and/or limited and challenges what you no longer need.

Step 3 – Inspiration

Allow inspiration to flow to help you to find your freedom to truly LET GO.

Step 4 – Ignition

Ignite the spark of change, this is where you to start creating a new path towards a life you love.

These steps towards self-love will help you and your patients to:

  1. Enhance and deepen your connection with yourself, your partner, family and community.
  2. Gain a greater sense of clarity on what you want you life to look like. Saying YES to things that nourish you and NO to things that don’t.
  3. A sense of calm contentment that brings to you a state of flow, creating ease in your decision ­making and choices.
  4. A true LOVE of life again, a deep ­rooted joy that permeates every aspect of your life.
  5. Rediscover your most creative, empowered, loving and compassionate self.

Doing this work yourself can really enhance your life, your patient’s lives and the relationships around you.

“We can only take our clients as far as we have gone ourselves.” –> Tweetable.

Our mission is to teach Self­-Love to the masses. If we are rooted in self-­love, we will grow as individuals. This growth is the catalyst that ignites healthy change in the people and community surrounding us.

About the Author
Dr. Lesley Johnston ND and Dr. Erica Thomson ND

Dr. Lesley and Dr. Erica are Self-Love Coaches and Naturopathic Doctors who saw a need in their patients to incorporate self-care and self-love into their everyday lives. Their mission is to teach Self-Love to the masses. If people are rooted in self-love, they will grow as individuals. This growth is the catalyst that ignites healthy change in the people and community surrounding us.