The Top 43 Innovative Practitioners to Follow into 2016

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These are the best and most innovative Naturopathic Doctors for 2016.

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2015 WAS AN IMPRESSIVE YEAR for Naturopathic doctors around the globe. To read the top 5 articles click here.

With the World Naturopathic Federation assembled, we will only continue to see growth in our profession while maintaining high integrity and impeccable service to our communities.

Here at the NDDC we see innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship colliding with medicine and research all the time. A Naturopathic doctor can take on many roles within and outside of being a practitioner.

To start off 2016, here are the top 43 ND’s to follow and be inspired by, in no particular order. If you’d like to nominate yourself or a colleague for next year, please email

1. Dr. Natasha Turner, ND –


Dr. Natasha Turner is a frequent guest on the Dr. OZ Show and the author of The Hormone Diet, The Supercharged Hormone Diet, and The Carb Sensitivity Program. Natasha is the founder of the Clear Medicine Wellness Boutique in Toronto, Canada and a major force to be reckoned with.

2. Dr. Meghan Walker, ND –

headshotMeghanWCEO and co-founder of Bright Almond, Dr. Walker is a practicing Naturopathic doctor, prolific speaker, entrepreneur and mom of 3! Bright Almond was inspired by the need to not only identify regulated practitioners in the online space, but to learn about their practice and the experience of other’s under their care.

3. Dr. Jade Teta, ND –


Dr. Jade Teta is taking fat loss by storm! Co-founder of Metabolic Effect, Jade has co-written 2 books with his brother Dr. Keoni Teta, ND (The New Me Diet and Lose Weight Here) and is known as the weight loss expert. His online program Metabolic Aftershock has revolutionized fat loss with a “more is not better, BETTER is better” approach.

4. Dr. Aaron Van Gaver, ND –

headshotAaronVGDr. Aaron Van Gaver is a down-to-earth, innovative and bad-ass Naturopathic doctor. Focusing on treating addiction and mental health, Aaron works at Sinclair Wellness Centre in Downtown Vancouver and is someone who is making a difference from the ground up.

5. Dr. Corinne Brown, ND –


Dr. Corinne Brown is a Naturopathic doctor, labour doula, mother of 2 and total birth junkie. She is also the founder of Brownroots Wellness and the host of her own health-education video blog, called NDtv. In 2014, after becoming very sick with Crohn’s disease, she left her 4 year private-practice to pursue her Naturopathic calling online. Check out her amazing Love Your Labour e-course to allow you to enjoy an incredible labour experience.

6. Dr. Brooke Kalanick, ND –

headshotBrookeKA recognized expert and author in the field of natural medicine and fitness, Dr. Brooke is devoted to helping women achieve a healthy weight and a happy state of well being through her integrative and holistic approach to health. Her book, Ultimate You, co-authored with celebrity trainer Joe Dowdell, offers the latest in nutritional and exercise science to help women lose body fat by understanding their hormones. Dr. Brooke is also an advisory board member for Girls Gone Strong, teaching you about women’s strength, health and empowerment.

7. Dr. Tori Hudson, ND –


Dr. Hudson has been in practice for 30 years. She is the medical director of her clinic,  A Woman’s Time in Portland, Oregon, and director of product research and education for VITANICA. She is also the founder and co-director of NERC (Naturopathic Education and Research Director), a non-profit organization for accredited Naturopathic residencies. Dr. Hudson’s contribution to Naturopathic medicine has and will continue to be invaluable to the growth of our profession.

8. Dr. Philip Rouchotas, ND –

headshotPhilRDr. Rouchotas is a Naturopathic doctor, speaker, professor at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and Editor-in-Chief of Integrated Healthcare Practitioners magazine, a peer- reviewed journal for medical professionals. To his students, Dr. Rouchotas is known as the “Fish Oil King”, however his impact on the ND profession has not only improved quality of research but also patient healthcare.

9. Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND –


Dr. Andrea Maxim is one of Southern Ontario’s leading Naturopathic doctors and the creator of The Maxim Movement, which works in conjunction with her book, MAXIMized Health: The New, Intelligent System for Optimal Digestion and Hormones, to maximize digestion, hormones, weight loss and overall health.

10. Dr. Eli Camp, ND –

headshotEliCDr. Camp is the founder & medical director of Medicine Talk and Medicine Talk Professional. Two paths, one destination – successful, sustainable Naturopathic medical practices. Medicine Talk Professional offers free resources and affordable services to train, support, assist and fund NDs creating or restructuring and then maintaining successful medical practices.

“We have to help one another be successful in order to grow our profession and participate in the future of medicine!”

11. Dr. Matthew Gowan, ND –


Dr. Gowan is the lead researcher and CEO of ND Assist and NHP Assist, an online tool designed to help you select the most appropriate natural health products (NHPs) for you, your patients or your customers. Matt is a clinical supervisor and professor of botanical medicine at CCNM. He has published several research articles and co-authored textbooks in acupuncture (Fundamentals in Naturopathic Acupuncture) and botanical medicine (Principles and Practices of Naturopathic Botanical Medicine: Volume 1: Botanical Medicine Monographs).

12. Dr. Priya Prakash, ND –

headshotPriyaPDr. Prakash is a Naturopathic doctor at Awaken Life Naturopathic clinic in Ottawa, Canada and the co-founder of Smart ND along with her husband, Venk Prabhu. Smart ND is an electronic medical record program specific designed for Naturopathic doctors to provide and share thorough medical care to their patients.

13. Dr. Ameet Aggarwal, ND –


Dr. Aggarwal is a practicing Naturopathic doctor in Kenya, East Africa and an advocate for global Naturopathic medicine. Foundation for Integrated Medicine in Africa (FIMAfrica), is a registered Canadian charity delivering integrated Naturopathic medical services with mobile student externship programs to remote and impoverished communities living in Northern Kenya. Dr. Aggarwal has a passion for education and has presented internationally and written a book on mental health, Feel Good: Easy Steps to Health and Happiness.

14. Dr. Tabatha Parker, ND –

headshotTabathaPDr. Parker is the co-founder of Naturopathic Doctor International (NDI) and the World Naturopathic Federation (WFN). Dr. Parker started the first permanent global Naturopathic clinic in Nicaragua and has developed global health courses and inter-disciplinary internships with the Naturopathic medical profession in global health policies with the World Health Organization (WHO). The WFN  is a Toronto-based non-profit organization that launched in June, 2015.

15. Dr. Paul Epstein, ND –


Dr. Paul Epstein is a mind-body expert. As a speaker, teacher and practitioner, Dr. Epstein appears worldwide to help those find the right “healing soup” to effectively address their concerns. Dr. Epstein is a prolific writer and is well-known for his mini-book, “Happiness Through Meditation”.

16. Dr. Jonathan Prousky, ND –

headshotProuskyDr. Prousky was the first Naturopathic doctor to receive the “Orthomolecular Doctor of the Year” award in 2010. He is the author of several clinical textbooks, such as Anxiety: Orthomolecular Diagnosis and Treatment (2006), Naturopathic Nutrition (2006), The Vitamin Cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (2010), and the Textbook of Integrative Clinical Nutrition (2012). His clinician-based research involves the neuropsychiatric application of micronutrients to optimize mental and neurological health.

17. Dr. Steve Rallis, ND –


Dr. Rallis is a Naturopathic doctor, Chiropractor and rising star. His education from Harvard Medical School Post Graduate Department, the Carrick Institute of Neurology and the Institute of Functional Medicine gives him a unique approach to integrative medicine. He is the co-founder, developer and chief clinical officer of Healthscore, a revolutionary new way of measuring health, predicting disease and building wellness.

18. Dr. Melissa Lee, ND –

headshotMelis2Dr. Melissa Lee is a Naturopathic doctor in Toronto who practices at Insight Naturopathic Clinic. Her interest in pain management has led her to research and implement Acupuncture Anesthesia for IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) related minor surgeries.  Her work will help provide a complementary approach for managing pain in conventional fertility procedures.

19. Dr. Elias Markou, ND –


Dr. Markou, was a former firefighter turned Naturopathic doctor with a diploma in Registered Holistic Nutrition (RHN) and Acupuncture (Dipl Ac). He is the clinic director at PureBalance Wellness, the chief medical officer of the Halton Hills Fire Protection & Prevention Services, motivational speaker and is frequently featured on TV, in print and radio. He has created a signature Integrative Cancer Care Program within the clinic to help patients navigate their journey to recovery from cancer and map out treatment options.

20. Dr. Talia Marcheggiani, ND –

headshotTaliaMDr. Marcheggiani is an artist, humanitarian and Naturopathic doctor. She understands that taking the time to listen carefully to patients’ stories is essential to healing and uses these tools in practice at Bloor West Wellness and with her volunteer work at the Evergreen Yonge Street Mission.

21. Kristen Ma –


Kristen Ma is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner (CAP), certified esthetician and the co-founder of Pure + Simple, a successful skincare spa chain and manufacturer of natural skincare and mineral makeup. Kristen is currently completing her Naturopathic medical degree at CCNM while contributing regularly to magazines, TV programs and publications as the “Skin Expert”, as well as her own blog, Holistic Vanity.

22. Dr. Michele Burklund, ND –

headshotMichelleBDr. Burklund is paving her own way as she writes and helps other practitioners brand their own businesses with the flair of a Healthy Fashionista. BrandingRx is a course for doctors who didn’t go to business school. It not only helps you build your online image, social media plateform, and online products, but also creates a community to learn and feel united with.

23. Dr. Chris Bjorndal, ND –


Dr. Chris Bjorndal is one of the only licensed NDs in Canada with an expertise in treating mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, eating disorders, ADD/ADHD, OCD and schizoaffective disorders. Having overcome many challenges in the sphere of mental health, she is especially exceptional at motivating people to overcome barriers in life and encourages them to achieve their full potential. She is currently completing a book on mental health called, Moving beyond – A Journal into Self Discovery.

24. Dr. Paul Theriault, ND –

headshotPaulThDr. Paul Theriault is a Calgary-based Naturopathic doctor, who is known to many as the founder of the Naturopathic Doctor Sanctuary group. Through his own healing, Paul was able to find the connections between his childhood illnesses, chronic sore throats, fatigue, and muscle pain, with his chronic depression and social withdrawal. Slowly increasing his awareness of his own problems, and addressing them, has greatly increased his ability to help others heal.

25. Dr. Aisling Lanigan, ND –


Dr. Aisling Lanigan has been making her debut in social media, on TV and in articles. As a Naturopathic Doula, Dr. Aisling attends births and provides emotional, informational and physical support including natural pain management for birthing mothers and their partners before, during and after labour. Together with a team of Naturopathic Doctors from the GTA, Dr. Aisling has started the Naturopathic Prenatal Course: Birth as a Journey.

26. Dr. Walter Crinnion, ND

headshotCrinnionDr. Crinnion is the environmental medicine expert. As a prolific speaker, practitioner, and author of Clean, Green and Lean and The Prediabetic Detox, Walter has been critical in building awareness about the impact that the environment has on the body and mind. His online monthly subscription podcast, cleverly called “Crinnion Opinions” keeps you up-to-date on environmental health news, while his course Training in Environmental Medicine for Doctors is an extensive 23 hour program.

27. Dr. Eugene Zampieron, ND –


Dr. Zampieron (aka Dr. Z) is a professor, speaker, internationally known author, radio personality, herbalist, Naturopatic doctor and one really cool guy. Dr. Z is an authority in the Naturopathic medicine, nationally recognized for his radio programs on Health and Alternative Medicine, his best-selling books (Arthritis and Natural Medicine Chest), and his international “EcoTours for Cures” program.

28. Dr. Michael Nowazek, ND –

headshotNowazekAfter avoiding knee surgery with acupuncture, vitamin therapies, prolotherapy, diet and nutrition, Dr. Nowazek accidentally fell into his career as a Naturopathic doctor. Dr. Nowazek has advanced training in intravenous (IV) therapies, medical ozone therapy, high dose ascorbate and vitamin C therapy, chelation therapy, advanced medical life support, prolotherapy, prolozone therapy and platelet rich plasma therapy. He has been practicing in Edmonton, Alberta at his own practice, Green Apple Health Care Ltd.

29. Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND –


Dr. Iva Lloyd has studied many different healing systems including Ayurvedic Medicine, Polarity Therapy, Neuro-linguistic programming, and is a board-certified Polarity Therapist and Educator and a Reiki Master. Dr. Lloyd is well published and is the author of three books:

  1. The History of Naturopathic Medicine, a Canadian Perspective
  2. The Energetics of Health, a naturopathic assessment and 
  3. Messages from the Body, a guide to the energetic of health

She is the founder of Naturopathic Foundations Health Clinic in Markham, Ontario, founder of ND Health Facts, and the President of the World Naturopathic Federation.

30. Dr. Andrew Brandeis, ND –

headshotAndrewBDr. Andrew Brandeis is a Naturopathic doctor and co-founder of Share Practice, a collaborative medical reference used by doctors to rate and review the effectiveness of drugs, herbs and supplements. Share Practice is available on the web and in app stores.

31. Dr. Mark Davis, ND –


Recently featured on TEDxSalem, Dr. Mark Davis is a Naturopathic doctor, researcher, and expert on fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT). Mark is a founder and the medical director of Good Life Medicine Center, and his practice, Bright Medicine Clinic, focuses on gastroenterological health.

32. Dr. Michael Traub, ND –

headshotMichaelTDr. Traub was the first Naturopathic physician in contemporary times to be appointed to a hospital staff:  North Hawaii Community Hospital (NHCH). In 1998 he developed the Hawaii Residency Training Program and continues to serve as the Residency Program Director. He has conducted numerous research projects including a pilot study on integrative treatment for breast cancer. Dr. Traub has been director of Ho‘o Lokahi, an integrative health care center in Kailua Kona, Hawaii.

33. Dr. Paul Anderson, ND –


Dr. Paul Anderson is a practitioner, professor, lecturer and the medical director and founder of Anderson Medical Specialty Associates (AMSA) in Seattle, Washington. He is a recognized authority in the field of integrative cancer research and the treatment of chronic diseases, genomic conditions, auto-immune conditions and infectious disorders. He has also put together a Board Review Coursework program for students.

34. Dr. Steve Clark, ND –

headshotSteveDr. Steve Clark is the Lyme Disease King. Steve is a licensed Naturopathic doctor in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, which has a high prevalence of deer tick bites and Lyme disease. 
In his lucky 13th year of practice
, Steve has used his own health history and extensive research to treat this difficult disease that is becoming more and more common.

35. Dr. Trevor Cates, ND –


Dr. Trevor Cates was the first woman licensed as a Naturopathic doctor in the state of Californiais. She has branded herself as The Spa Dr, and has created a wide range of health-conscious spa products. Along with being a physician and entrepreneur, Dr. Cates is also a feature contributor on FOX13 News, and she has a regular podcast called THE SPA DR: Secrets to Smart, Sexy and Strong.

36. Dr. Lise Alschuler, ND –

headshotLiseDr. Lise Alschuler is a Naturopathic doctor, speaker, oncology expert, and internationally known author of 3 books: The Definitive Guide to Cancer, The Definitive Guide to Thriving After Cancer, Five to Thrive. Being a cancer survivor herself, Dr. Alschuler uses safe and effective integration of natural therapies with conventional cancer treatments to improve outcomes and reduce future cancer risks. You can hear her speak weekly on the Five To Thrive Live! show.

37. Dr. Dick Thom, ND –


Dr. Dick Thom has been a corner stone in Naturopathic medical history. Not only is he a physician, lecturer, professor, past Dean, business owner, business coach, and proud grandfather, but he has also helped to create innovative medical systems specifically for Naturopathic doctors. Dr. Thom is the COO of the American Center for Biological Medicine, and co-creator of HBBH: Health of Business, Business of Health.

38. Dr. Jason Lee, ND –

headshotJasonL Dr. Jason Lee is a Naturopathic Doctor, biological terrain instructor, certified Iridologist and holistic allergy specialist. He is clinical director for Restore Natural Health Clinic in Oakville, Ontario. In addition to running a busy practice, Jason has lectured nationally and internationally to health professionals on various health topics and has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, including TEDxOakville.

39. Dr. Eric Marsden, ND –


Dr. Eric Marsden is a Naturopathic doctor, oncology specialist, clinic director of the Marsden Centre for Excellence in Integrative Medicine, and co-founder and President of BMS Resources. Dr. Marsden holds numerous post graduate certifications including: Chelation Therapy and Toxic Metal Detoxification, Advanced Darkfield Microscope Technician, a certified Homotoxicologist, etc. He has also received extensive training in integrative cancer therapies from several distinguished clinics and teaching institutions in Germany.

40. Dr. Elizabeth Stavros, ND –

headshotElizDr. Stavros is the Naturopathic doctor of an integrative medical clinic, Healthcare 365. She has taken the Mind Body Medicine program at Harvard University Medical School in Boston, where she studied under Dr. Herbert Benson MD, the world leader in the study, advancement, and clinical practice of mind/body medicine.

41. Dr. Sara DeFrancesco, ND, LAc –


Host and founder of Thriving Force Radio, Dr. DeFrancesco is a Naturopathic doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist and entrepreneur through and through. Her radio show features a wide range of health practitioners who specialize in botanical medicine, functional medicine and holistic care.

42. Dr. Alan Gaby, MD –

headshotGabyDr. Gaby is a prominent leader in nutrition research for the Naturopathic profession and medical community. His massive textbook, Nutritional Medicine, reflects decades of dedicated research to his love of medicine, which is now available online and for portable devices! Dr. Gaby is a Medical doctor but often lectures for Naturoapthic doctors and has a passion for preventative, holistic, alternative and complimentary medicine. He has also written other textbooks such as, Preventing and Reversing Osteoporosis, The Doctor’s Guide to Vitamin B6 and The Patient’s Book of Natural Healing.

43. Dr. Alison Chen, ND –


There’s no shame here! I’m so proud of what the NDDC has become and will continue to be, a supportive community for Naturopathic doctors, alternative medicine practitioners and functional medicine doctors. Along with co-founding the NDDC, I will be putting out a series of child-friendly health books with the most amazing illustrations. I am committed to making health fun and easy to consume health books that will educate a large community of people. My first book, “What Your Poo Says About You“.

If you’d like to nominate yourself or another Naturopathic doctor for next year’s list, please email

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