Want to Contribute

TheNDDC is a collaborative blog.

In addition, your piece will be professionally edited and is something we encourage you to use in your portfolio to help you rise above the noise in health and wellness industry.

We’re happy to include 1-2 outbound links either within the text or in your bio in addition to a link to a social media account. All other links within text will be considered on a case by case basis. Affiliate / commission links will not be allowed within guest posts.

What We’re Looking For

TheNDDC is not a textbook or certification, it’s a blog. We’re looking for engaging and actionable pieces. For example, a simple article on the need to motivate won’t suffice unless it’s paired with an actionable system for motivation.

The rules are simple. An article must outline a problem and give an actionable solution to be considered. Have some fun with your writing, add in jokes, anecdotes, and, most of all, be yourself. If there is an opportunity to provide scripts, worksheets, or checklists, please attach them.

We’re happy to publish material from both seasoned and relatively new ND’s as long as it offers sufficient value. If you’re come up with a great system to solve a common problem, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in the industry for 1 or 25 years. We don’t care about the letters behind your name, we’re more interested in what you can offer others to help them grow personally or professionally.

There are no guidelines for length other than as short as possible but as long as necessary. We’re published articles under 600 words and over 3,500. Don’t repeat yourself and please be succinct with your words. Do what you need to do to communicate your point and avoid, at all costs, droning on.

The Technical Stuff

If you have specific formatting, please send the file as an html document using h3 headers. You’re also welcome to send a formatted word document. But if you send a word document and have pictures to include, please send them all separately and included notes on where you want them included with square brackets in the text. For example, [PICTURE 1 GOES HERE]

If you do include pictures you must be able to provide attribution or show ownership of the photos or they will not be included. If the pictures are you own, please include the following line in your submission email:

“I own all rights to this photo and give a representative of J. Goodman consulting inc. full permission to use it on www.thenddc.com at his or her discretion.”

You don’t have to include images. We prefer to let our content speak for itself so don’t feel like you have to include pictures, only send them if they fit in with the piece.

When it comes to editing and formatting, remember that the easier you make an editors job the more likely they’ll run your material and ask you for more. If it’s a brilliant piece, we may still accept it if it’ll take some editing work. Please take the time to proof read and carefully select your work. If you’re bored reading it, others probably will be too.

Also note that it’s very rare for submissions to be accepted when you first send it in. Articles usually have to be sent back 3-4 times before it is ready for the site and most new writer’s don’t get their first submission accepted. We have very high standards but encourage you to keep trying.

Include a 1-3 line author bio but when your piece is accepted you’ll be sent a document with all info that we need from you.

Lastly, avoid the dreaded wall of words. Paragraphs on a blog should almost never be longer than 3-4 sentences. If it is longer, than it better be written beautifully.

Please send all submissions to editorial@thenddc.com

What Type of Content Are We Looking For?

It’s wide open. We’d be happy to consider articles on any aspect of Personal Training except exercise prescription. Examples — and these are only examples — include:

  1. How To Talk To Patients
  2. How To Use Body Language and “Soft Skills”
  3. Overcoming Day-To-Day Obstacles
  4. Time Management and Scheduling Techniques
  5. Creating Passive– and Multiple Streams of Income
  6. Finding the Best Resources
  7. Marketing Ideas
  8. Systems to Get New Patients
  9. Sales / Creatively Dealing with Objections
  10. Practice Organizational Strategies and Systems

Every article must be actionable. We are not interested in rants, put downs of particular training methodologies or unfocused ‘thought’ pieces. TheNDDC is in the business of helping practitioners. It’s all about getting better. And helping clients get better.

Every article must contain at least one take-away that the reader can apply immediately.

How to Submit

Please submit all content directly to theNDDC’s content manager at editorial@thenddc.com

No submissions in any other form will be accepted.