The 3 Reasons Why You’re Failing In Business (and Life)

by Dr. Andrea Maxim ND | Follow on Twitter

What’s holding your business back?

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From the editor: It’s the combination of these 3 things that will allow your business to grow to the next level. They seem simple and straight-forward, but it’s the application that will separate you from the rest of your colleagues.

Reason #1 – We don’t take responsibility for our lives.

I’m sure you heard all of this before, just like we expect our patients to take responsibility for their health, you also need to make sure that you’re taking responsibility for your choices in life.

Regardless of whether you’ve heard all this before you have to understand that if you want to grow a thriving practice. IF you want financial freedom. If you want that dream life. You need to take 100% responsibility for everything that happens in your life and in your business.

How do you know if you’re really taking full responsibility? Become very self-aware of what your current complaints are. Each one of your complaints is an indicator that you are not taking responsibility somewhere in your business.

“There’s not enough patients coming into my office.”

“The clinic I work for isn’t driving enough traffic my way, that’s why I’m not able to pay my bills this month.”

“I didn’t book any new patients from this seminar because they didn’t promote me enough.”

When you make complaints or place blame elsewhere for things that are going wrong in your business, you are giving up control and you’re becoming a victim.

Instead, I encourage you to retain your power and look for opportunities to take action and change the outcome of your business. Next time you hear yourself complaining about something that’s going wrong in your business, stop and think about where exactly that complaint is coming from.

Remind yourself, “I am not going to become a victim to my complaints anymore” and think about what a positive recourse could be.

Ultimately, understand that the only thing that’s getting in the way of you and that perfect practice is….YOU.

Reason #2 – Blind Spots

We all have developed core beliefs over the course of our lives that we consider cold hard facts. These typically directly contradict or conflict with the goals and the desires that we want out of our life.

Most of these we picked up when we were young and the most impressionable by our parents, teachers, friends. Things like,

“It must be absolutely perfect.”

“I’m not smart enough to do that.”

Here’s one that my mom always told my sister and I,

“You’re not working hard enough until you’ve worked at least 60 hours per week.”

We will never be able to achieve our goals if we continue to believe these core beliefs as fact.

The great thing is, we do not need to become prisoner to them. By taking small, positive action steps every day, small wins every day, we can change these core beliefs and therefore open the realm of possibility even wider.

Reason #3 – Fear of Failure

The big “F” word. FAIL.

As humans we avoid this word like the plague. To fail brings with it all kinds of negative emotions.

Fear of exposure.
Fear of rejection.
Fear of being punished.
Fear of making a mistake.

We all have them. When I launched the MAXIMize Your Clinic course, it was the most gut wrenching experience of my entire life. It was my biggest project to date. I was promoted to my colleagues, in my mind my biggest critics, and I felt like was I standing out there naked the entire 5 weeks I was in the launch.

Then it’s a whole new level of fear when people actually start using your product –

  • What will they think?
  • Do they think it wasn’t worth the investment?
  • Do they think it’s too simple?
  • Too complex?
  • Are people going to write complaints about me?

What most of my coaches and people I follow that are “gods” in this industry, is that when I get afraid, that’s when I know I’m doing something that I’m born to be doing. I know I’m doing something that is going to make an impact.

My goal is to help you take that extra leap. You’re leaning right on the tipping point of greatness and it’s my job to give you that extra push. Get you out of your comfort zone and have you achieving things you never thought were possible. Even if you feel like you’re going to have a panic attack, do it anyways.

I lost countless hours of sleep during the launch period because I was so afraid. I was up at 3am some nights on my laptop making sure that I wasn’t making any mistakes in my presentation slides, my emails, my social media posts.

Failure is an essential part of success. –> Tweet This.

If you want to be successful and you’re afraid to fail, then we’ve got a real problem. It takes creating things and putting them out there to see what is going to work and what isn’t.

The best inventions that we have on this planet were not created on the first go and did not come from a “safe” idea. They were novel. They were insane. They were life changing.

Just put your work out there.

Accept that it’s not going to be everything you dreamed it would be on the first go. Do not STOP if it isn’t. Tweak the idea. Tweak the launch. Learn more from your colleagues and business coaches and make your products better and better each time.

I really hope that these 3 Reasons Why We Fail was enlightening for you and got you thinking a little more about what’s holding you up in your practice. It’s all about you getting out of your own way and making amazing things happen!

About the Author
Dr. Andrea Maxim ND

Dr. Andrea Maxim is one of Southern Ontario’s leading Naturopathic doctors, author and the creator of ‘The Maxim Movement’; a movement helping people move towards MAXIMizing their Digestion, MAXIMizing their Hormones, MAXIMizing their Weight Loss and of course MAXIMizing their Health! To support her vision, Andrea has written a novel “MAXIMized Health: The New, Intelligent System for Optimal Digestion and Hormones” available for sale now. She is also a business consultant for NDs just getting started or trying to restructure their business.