Best Health Articles — July 31st, 2016

by Dr. Allison Galan ND and Dr. Louise Wilson ND (inactive)

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The Top Article of the Week

6 Reasons Eating Healthy Is Harder Than You Think – James Heathers, PhD

Eating healthy isn’t always easy. For anyone who has tried to eat better, or has clients hoping improve their eating habits, you known the struggle that can ensue. Whether it’s a busy schedule, over-complicated meal planning, a prominent sweet tooth, feeling exhausted, or falling back into old habits, there are numerous reasons why efforts to eat healthy fall by the wayside.

In our “Best Article of the Week” James Heathers PhD, highlights one of the most restrictive reasons as to why some individuals have difficulty with eating healthy: access. For many individuals, affordability and access to healthy foods is limited. This makes healthy eating not only difficult, but near impossible.

By permitting himself the same healthy food resources that many have, Heathers highlights the specific needs that our clients may face in their pursuit of eating healthy. This helps practitioners provide healthy and achievable recommendations.

Eating healthy isn’t always easy, but making the connection as to why reaching for that apple or salad can sometimes be so difficult is essential. And while it may not make eating healthy necessarily easier, it just may make it more attainable.


General Health

New Research Into Preventing Obesity in Children By Starting in Infancy – Megan Scudellari: The Boston Globe

Can You Really Be Overweight and Still Be Fit? – Macaela Mackenzie: Hello Healthy, My Fitness Pal

Scientists Sniff Out A New Antibiotic in Nose Microbes – Ed Yong: The Atlantic



Is Soy Safe? – Alexis Joseph: HelloHealthy

The Hidden Calories In Your Booze, Explained in 3 Charts – Julia Belluz: Vox

16 Easy Ways to Eat More Fiber – Kerri-Ann Jennings, MS, RD

The Definitive Guide to Coffee – Mark’s Daily Apple



13 Ways I Help Myself Feel Hapier Than Anyone Else I Know – Susie Moore: Greatist

Does It Give You A Bigger, BETTER Life? – Brooke Kalanick ND, MS, LAc

Can Personality Be Changed? – Scott Barry Kaufman


Specific Health Conditions and Treatment Protocols

10 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Dementia – Dr. Chris Bjorndal, ND

Fatigue…There’s a Good Chance You’re Not Just being Lazy – Dr. Justin Gallant, ND

6 Nutrients to Reverse Photoaging and Rejuvinate You Skin – Dr. Carly Polland, ND: Natural Path


Novel Research

Colombia Researchers Find Biological Reason For Wheat Sensitivity – Colombia University Medical Centre

Research Tracks Interplay of Genes and Environment on Physical, Educational Outcomes – Princeton University: Science Daily

Repeated Expereinces of Racism Most Damaging to Mental Health – Manchester University: Science Daily

Overlooked Benefit of Successful Healthy Lifestyle Programs: Improved Quality of Life – University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences: Science Daily

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Dr. Allison Galan ND and Dr. Louise Wilson ND (inactive)

Dr. Allison Galan, ND is a graduate from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, and also holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Alberta. In her practice, she focuses on empowering her patients to be their own catalyst for change, in order to optimize their health. Dr. Louise Wilson, ND (inactive) is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a specialist honors degree in psychology in 2006. In 2010 she graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Since graduation she has been in private practice in Bolton, Ontario, with a clinical focus on establishing the foundations of health.